Tarot Card Reading
By Mr Prem Panjwaani
(Member of American Tarot Association)
Crystal healing
Unearth the benefits of Crystals in your life, with the experienced advice of Mr Prem Panjwaani
Vastu - a Science of Direction
Get your Office and Home Vastu Tuned
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Let the stars help you to discover your fate

Love & romance

Know about your relationship compatibility, improve your relationships with the right guidance. Cherish a happy and contented love life.

Your Health

Manage the gift of god the body, know the causes of health issues and resolve them with proper professional guidance. Live life king size.


Want to know which line is better wrt your destiny, know which choice will help you achieve your goals in life, pursue your dreams with accurate guidance.

Why us?

  • 1.

    Knowledge of varied techniques

    Mr. Prem Panjwani will provide the best possible solution to your problems using the various arts he has excelled in the last 2 decades.

  • 2.

    Vast Experience.

    Experience counts and in the field of fortune telling and taking right decisions for better future, it becomes all the more important. With the vast experience of over 20 years and helping people across the globe, the work speaks for itself.

  • 3.

    Safety of your information.

    You information will remain in safe hands, we understand that your questions are more than personal affairs, so we give due diligence to your privacy.

  • 4.

    Member of American Tarot Association

    Membership has been earned by trust of clients and trust of associations, which will assure that the information given, is in conformance to American Tarot Association.


  • We were experiencing marital discord between us and our marriage was on the rocks. One of Friends suggested consulting Premji regarding the same. Premji tuned our home as per Mahavastu and Crystals and they had a remarkable effect in our relationship and we are living a much happier life post those remedies. We can only thank Premji endlessly for what he has done for us.

    Shalini Bhagwani
  • Though all the medical reports were normal for me and my wife, we were devoid of the happiness of parenthood. We came into contact of Premji through a common acquaintance and availed his services for Mahavastu tuning for our home. Thanks to Premji, we were blessed with a princess after he provided the necessary remedies.

    Neeta Bajaj

    Working Women

  • I was facing a lot of issues related to my daughter’s marriage. Thanks to Premji, we were able to get a good match once he tuned our house as per Mahavastu. I would personally recommend him for Mahavastu Consultations.

    Kanchan Sachdeva


  • PremJi has been a Spiritual guide and helped me in taking a lot of my Personal decisions using his Mystic Powers. He has helped me in taking important decisions related to my career which have been fruitful and helped me to grow in my Job. We were facing a lot of Health issues when we moved to a new house and there also PremJi came to our Rescue and tuned our home as per Maha Vastu. Post those changes, we felt a lot of relief in health related matters. The best part of Mahavastu was that we didn’t need to make any structural changes to our house and the remedies were cost effective. On behalf of my complete family, I would like to personally thank Premji from the bottom of my heart and would like to personally spread the word about his knowledge in tarot and Vastu.

    Kapil Kumar

    IT Professional

  • I have been consulting Prem Ji since last 3 years and he has provided me exceptional guidance in taking decisions in my life, be it related to Business or personal matters. I would definitely recommend him for any consultations using Tarot.

    Kamal Garg